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sidron cavern,north spain,asturias

Sidrón cavern in Piloña, Asturias

The Neanderthal of Sidrón was universal donor. That is, its blood belonged to blood group 0. In this case, two male specimens that lived in the cave Asturian Sidrón 50,000 years ago.

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sierra del sueve

Walking in Sierra del Sueve

To discover beech and weaving, foot, from the Interpretation Center Sueve. The Sueve Interpretation Center (board of Colunga) often offers organized walks, with explanations about the geology, flora and fauna of the Sierra del Sueve and yew and beech forests.

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Latest news

The bio is a way to transform the world. The bio is a technique and also a philosophy, an attitude. Is to use the materials nearby, sometimes discarded, and move towards best, cheap and easy. This attitude is part of every philosophy of recycling and reuse of materials.

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Where is Piloña Infiesto


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