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Accesibility AA

Committed to Accesibility

This website of the Asociación Piloñesa de Turismo Rural (ASPITUR) is committed to full accesibility for all users. In order to achieve this goal, we keep standard technology under the W3C and Politics of Accesibility WAI 1.0 at their level AA. ASPITUR is committed to a website for all, in a way that all can reach the content and view. Disabilities are not barriers nor ways to discrimination.

Predefined keys for Windows

Windows offers a predefined sequence of different combinations of keys that help us to manage window menus and actions in a simple standard. This section shows the interest of the user to:

  • Ctrl + C : Copy selected.
  • Ctrl + D : Add page to Favorites.
  • Ctrl + E : Selected all.
  • Ctrl + F : Open box search in this page.
  • Ctrl + G : Save page.
  • Ctrl + H : Open history bar.
  • Ctrl + I : Open Favorites bar.
  • Ctrl + L : Go to a new location.
  • Ctrl + O : Open Organizer Favorites window.
  • Ctrl + P : Open print window.
  • Ctrl + R : Update current page.
  • Ctrl + u : Open new window with the same page.
  • Ctrl + v : Paste selected.
  • Ctrl + x : Cut selected.
  • Ctrl + z : Undo previous action.
  • F11 : Open explorer to full window.
  • F4 : Show adderss list.
  • Mayús + F1 : Open help index.
  • Mayús + Crtl + Tab : Back beteewn frames.
  • Mayús + F5 : Update.
  • Mayús + F10 : Show menu link.

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