Location in Asturias, northern Spain

The county of Piloña is located South from both the counties of Villaviciosa and Colunga; it is located North from Caso, Sobrescobio and Laviana; West from Parres and Ponga; and East from Nava and Cabranes. It belongs to the "Mancomunidad de municipios del Oriente de Asturias" (Community of Eastern Counties of Asturias).


Geographically speaking there are gentle sides on the central part of the county that transform into slopes and narrow valleys to the North, just on the Southern hillside of the Sueve, while long and also narrow valleys are located on the South of the county, where meadows and woods abound.

There are two main areas included on the National Protected Nature Sites: one is the "Sierra del Sueve" and the other one is the Restricted Natural Reserve of the Cave of Sidrón, where some human remains from the Neanderthal have been discovered, and the archeological site is considered as "Location of Cultural Attraction".

The main freshwater is the River Piloña, crossing the county East-West. The main tributaries are the rivers Tendi, Color, Pequeñu, Valle, Espinaréu and la Marea in the South; and the rivers Borines and Pintueles in the North.


All roads of the county radiate from National Road N-634 that crosses Piloña from East to West. Even the local train FEVE (Ferrocarril de vía estrecha www.feve.es) runs almost parallel to N-634, by the river bank. To the North, and the sea, regional roads go to Villaviciosa (AS-255), to Colunga (AS-258 and AS-259); and towards the South: to Campo de Caso (AS-254) and to Ponga (AS-339).



Three areas of production are well developed in Piloña. The first one covers the agricultural sector, mainly through livestock (milk and red meat) but it represents only a fourth of the total production in the county. Apple and hazelnut are also sources of income, plus the wood production. The second area covers several food transformation industries: dairy products in Sevares, and bottled mineral water, both bubbly and plain, at two factories in Borines and Qués. The third area is the main factor for wealth in the county, related to commerce, hotels, restaurants and transportation.


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