Geography of Piloña, Asturias, North Spain

The county of Piloña is surrounded by several ranges of mountains, sierras and peaks: from the height 150,5 m. above sea level where Infiesto is located, to the peak of Vízcares, the highest in the county, at its 1419 m. whose name was taken by the local mountaineering group.

Located on the Eastern side of Asturias, Piloña is South from both the counties of Villaviciosa and Colunga; North from Caso, Sobrescobio and Laviana; West from Parres and Ponga; and East from Nava and Cabranes. It covers 283,89 square meters and the capital is Infiesto.
It belongs to the basin of the River Sella whose main tributary is precisely the River Piloña, which gathers the waters of numerous streams and brooks. The River Piloña enters in the county through Coya, crosses Infiesto and enters the county of Parres to empty into the River Sella, in Arriondas.

Piloña enjoys Atlantic climate: mild, rainy almost all year long (copiously during wintertime) and reasonable fluctuation of temperature.

The cretaceous soil of Piloña is quite fertile. There are indigenous woods of beech trees, oak trees, chestnut trees and hazelnut trees. Walnut trees and apple orchards are mainly in the valleys, so the flowering season in late spring has become an attraction. Mountains slopes are usually green, as meadows and prairies that are part of real natural parks.


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