Fresh products from vegetable gardens, farms and high mountains are the pillars of the cuisine in Piloña. There is always a choice of traditional stews, from kale and cabbages to potatoes and rice, always with a touch of saffron and, most probably, with another touch of ham and chorizo. Quite well know are also free-range chickens and rabbits. And, of course, the full variety of Asturian cheese, taking in account that Asturias is the richest region in Spain for cheeses.

Along with the traditional way of cooking, there are concoctions for the hunting season. It is possible to find main dishes with wild boar meat on green cabbage leaves, and stews involving deer and venison. White beans from Asturias, called fabes are also cooked with hare and partridge, plus different styles of presenting lamb and baby goat. Piloña celebrate its richness every winter when restaurants prepare for special days of cooking the hunt.


Twenty years ago Piloña began honouring the hazelnut at a special festival in October. The purpose of the festival is to promote the hazelnut, as food and product of exportation, without forgetting sweets and desserts out of this particular nut. Also, flour resulting from finely ground hazelnuts can be used instead of breadcrumbs to fry in batter any kind of meat or vegetable, a very good choice of protein and calories for vegans.


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